• Client: Ameren
  • Objective: Create an engaging and interactive way to delivery information on diversity and inclusion.
  • Technology Used: Unity

Ameren Inclusion Cruiser

The Ameren Inclusion Cruiser is an innovate way to share important information on diversity and inclusion internally with Ameren employees, as well as with the public at events throughout the year. Ameren was in need of creating a more engaging interactive experience to be displayed on 6 touchscreens within the Inclusion Cruiser. We worked closely with them to develop software that was both meaningful and easy to use.

The interactive software needed to be engaging and intuitive, but not overly complex as the average session only lasts 8 minutes. We used a combination of interactive graphics, charts, quizzes, and magazine style layouts to allow the user to explore the data that interests them the most in fun and exciting ways.

Calls-to-action and other data collection points allow the D&I team to continue their outreach beyond the Cruiser experience.

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